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My daily job doesn’t involve drawing comics or making cartoons, however, since is something I like doing, I use my spare time to make videos, draw comics and create missions and scripts for ARMA.

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Script tutorials

I’m a ARMA mission maker and I like to spice up my creations with custom sounds, intros, outros, cutscenes and special effects.

Most of the scripts I used will be released at some point, here you can see what was released so far.

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I always wanted to make animation, tho real life didn’t give the opportunity to do this professionally I decided to take matters in my own hands and do this as a hobby.

I have more plans and story boards prepared until then see what I’ve made so far.
Let me know if you like them and you want more 🙂

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Multiplayer Campaign

A while ago a managed to finish a campaign for 15 players. It is composed by 16 missions and you can see the trailer here.

A new campaign is coming up for TANOA. To see the trailer and missions list press the button from bellow.

More Missions

arma top 100Discover the best ARMA 3 missions

I spent a lot of time trying to find tactical missions for our ARMA 3 sessions and not all missions worth the effort. A while ago occurred to me that maybe I should make a collection of the best ARMA 3 missions we’ve played so next time we can have a good session without poking around and double guessing.

They are all co-op and hardcore with no re-spawn but they can feature various medical scripts like Psycho’s , BTC etc.
TOP 100 will be updated on the fly and the score is calculated based on the players votes after we played the mission.

* All missions in this collection are vanilla only.

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Comic relief


ARMA Comics

A series of comics made originally to be used in videos.

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